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Are these two different species of parcoblatta?

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Last week I was collecting parcoblatta. Most of the logs and boards I turned over were teeming with these smallish, dark reddish colored nymphs. One, however, had five or six larger nymphs that are light orange in color and have a somewhat different body shape. The darker ones were completely absent from this board even though it looked like perfect habitat. I assumed, of course, that the larger ones were just older nymphs of the same species-surely two similar species can't coexist for long before one drives the other out?- but now I'm in doubt. Do these look like different species?



(The large one in the second pic is not the same as in the first.)

And here's their little setup:


I don't expect an ID or anything. Just if they look like different species.

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Aww well, shows what I know! :lol: Wish I had more than one Parcoblatta species near me...

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Haha, thanks! I'll definitely be willing to trade once I have a good number of nymphs. :D

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