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I have been fascinated with cockroaches and other insects since I was a child.

I currently have Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and Dubia Cockroaches while I am waiting this Tuesday to receive some Turkestan Cockroaches. I am interested in having a large collection and in creating colonies. I am looking for various species: pets, feeders and others to add to my collection. My roaches are treated as pets and I enjoy observing them and learning more about them.

I would like to find out of the best ways of taking care of them and if there are breeders or collectors who could send various species Internationally.

I found out about this community from Elliott Lang's book "Cockroaches or Roaches as Pets", p.104.

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Welcome! "Allpet roches" by orin mcmonigle is a great book on keeping roaches, you should definitely take a look at it. Some roaches have specific care needs, so their is no one best way to keep all roaches. However there are a few guidelines that apply to most roaches such as: Most roaches should always be kept moist to semi moist, most roaches need temperatures above room temperature to breed, and a good staple diet for most roaches is dog food, with fruits and veggies. Hope this helps! :)

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