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Need Help Identifying Adults

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Hey guys, I've been really curious with how you guys are able to identify adults of roaches where one or both sexes are apterous (Gromphadorhina spp., Pycnoscelus femapterus, Arenivaga spp., etc.) I'm sure someone with enough experience can tell apart juveniles from mature individuals like its their sixth sense. Hopefully I'll get to that point eventually, but how do you guys know when your wingless species become adults? Do you guys look for a certain adult coloration? Observe them breeding? Do you guys look for certain behaviors?

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Some species have a different adult coloration than their nymphs (Gromphadorhina sp), and others you sometimes can't tell till you see breeding/ooths (Arenivaga sp). Each species has its own tell. Hope this helps! :)

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