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hissers too crowded?

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i started with 13 common hissers (5 males, 8 females) since then they've given birth a few times, now i have HUNDREDS of nymphs and they're growing quick some are pushing an inch and half.

but now the issue of crowding is on my mind,

how well do hissers take crowded conditions? is it perfered? hated? (by the roach) what about adult males?, are they gonna constantly fight?

any and all insight appreciated.

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I imagine that overcrowding, stress, or lack of food can result in small adult size. I've ordered adults from flukers farms before. They were pretty small. Some of the adult males were only 5 grams. My second generation from that stock however, are enormous. I think my biggest male is 12 grams. I don't know what exactly the limit is, but at some point developmental stress will change their adult size. It might not matter unless you have hundreds of malnourished roaches though. I'm really kind of curious to the exact conditions that cause the underdevelopment.

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