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Small E. javanica climbing over vaseline


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I recently noticed some tiny little Halloween Hissers hanging out on the rim of their enclosure. So they're apparently able to walk over the barrier. That could be why I've been seeing lower production with them compared to the other hissers. I'm going to be moving them to a new container with a tight locking lid I guess. It's odd because my E. chopardi and other hissers can't do this.

Has anyone noticed their javanica doing this? Do you have any other super climbing species?

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I find adult banana roaches in other bins fairly regularly. They seem to be smart enough not to wander around the house and dry up. They like being in a bug bin. My friend found one in his snake cage (and he doesn't even have banana roaches at his house!). I think the trick is to make them not really want to leave that much. If it is a good habitat a few will escape, but overall they won't be that motivated. I guess I would only really be concerned if you have multiple species that can hybridize.

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