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I wanted to ask if you guys can show pictures on this post of your roach enclosures. Whether they're bins or glass tanks. Hopefully your setups inspire other roach keepers.

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Net cages work well for me. Put a plastic sheet on the bottom and dirt on top of the plastic sheet and add some egg crates and it is probably good to have some bark also. Bark on the bottom on top of the substrate and egg crates on top of the bark I think is best. This might cause allergic reactions and make you become allergic to roaches faster though. You might want to keep the net cage in the garage or somewhere you do not go in often. http://www.livescience.com/19402-chocolate-allergies-cockroach-parts.html

I read that having cockroaches around can cause you to become allergic to them and get asthma (Do not know the source, could not find it on the web).

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