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warty glow spot roaches growh rate

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Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with that species. However, I can say that most my roaches of a comparable size to that of Warty Glowspots mature to adults in about 7 months when kept at room temperature. When kept in temperatures of ~85 Degrees and fed exclusively cat food, I've had some females mature in 3.5 months, with males maturing even earlier. In my experience, some species don't seem to like being kept at constantly high temperatures, so if you increase their enclosure's temperature, check on them every now and then to make sure they're eating their food and are molting properly.

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They are not dead yet, so yes I am having luck with these guys. Thank you for asking :) They have gained their fiery insignias and I think they have gotten a bit bigger. I have also added some springtails to the inclosure to prevent any fungal growth, also they will be used as feeders for my mantis nymphs.

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