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Young hisser "shivering" and lethargic?


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I'm a new owner with two young hissers. One just molted for the first time a few days ago (I missed the molt so I don't know how healthy it was, but its shell looks fine and almost identical to its siblings, who also molted maybe a week ago), and yesterday evening I found it upside down and unable to right itself. I took it out of the enclosure and it was too weak to stand and would only "shiver" its legs. I tried to give it some water then put it back into the enclosure inside a hide for the night.

This morning, when I checked again, it was "shivering" more violently, as if it has more energy now, but is still unable to stand, grab onto things or right itself. I tried feeding it a bit of orange and water.

Its sibling has been in the same enclosure with the same treatment for the entire time I've had them, but is alert and responsive.

What's going on? Is there anything I should do? Should I put the poor thing in the freezer (I really don't want to do this)?

I'm extremely upset. Please help!

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I would first put it in a cool (warmth speeds metabolism) place so that it doesn't waste energy, and definitely make sure it gets enough food and water. Honey is especially beneficial. Not sure how much that would help but it's worked for me before on insects who are on the brink of death. But it only delays the inevitable.

I'm pretty sure there's a commonly used pesticide that kills cockroaches just like that, makes them unable to right themselves so the slowly die of starvation and dehydration. But most of the time cockroaches, beetles and other insects flip upside down and flail their limbs before dying.

If it doesn't get better after giving it food and water there's probably nothing you can do. Sometimes bugs die.

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