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Be careful when buying new roaches from pet stores


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My story: I bought two female roaches (the ones I have now) when they were at a decent size, one I'm pretty sure was already an adult when I bought it.

When you buy your females, you could possibly buy them when they are pregnant and you may wake up to your roach sitting there with the big yellow sac hanging down.

1. Pulling the sac wont hurt them and you can dispose of the sac afterwards. (if you don't want to pull, then put your

finger on the egg and just let your roach walk away and it comes right off!)

2. You can possibly let them have babies and observe what happens

anybody else experience this? What is your story?

note: I have never had males so there is no possibility of in cage breeding

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When a female roach breeds, they can store sperm from one mating for a while. So expect that you might get a few more ooths in the future. Congrats, your a Dad!


Some people just don't want to deal with a bunch of roach babies I imagine.

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Well it's not as if babies require extra effort... Just a little more food and maybe space when they get big.

I have a small cage fit for two roaches and didn't have enough room for a bigger cage, I wouldn't mind babies but that would be too much roaches in a tight space and I didn't want that to happen. I can always breed roaches if I get a bigger cage, but for now I like my two.

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And a small group will multiply and become a large group. Maybe the OP doesn't want to deal with anymore than the original pair . . .

Just a thought. :D

Basically, I live in a small town so it would be hard to find people who want roaches, in the future if I get big enough cages, I will have 3 cages, one for males, one for females and one for breeding. But currently I only have a big enough cage for my two, at least I think so. Money is also an issue.

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My solution is finding people who have pet bearded dragons or monitors. A fair price is between .10-.25 basically dubia prices when I sell as feeders from my common hissers. I use craigslist to sell them but sometimes you can find facebook groups for your state.

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