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Frass buildup


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My Rhabdoblatta formosana colony has gotten big, and with lots of roaches, comes lots of poop. The substrate has been blocked out by frass, and it looks very unappealing. What should I do? Will isopods eat roach frass?

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Ok, thanks for the advice! I got lots of isopods, now I just need to get some springtails!

No problem! Kyle actually got his F. candida stock from me, so, if you purchase from him, you will have the same strain that I use. :)


You could also just collect some springtails locally though. In most regions, you can find multiple species in a single small sample of soil, although not all of them will be easy to culture.

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There are small silver springtails in their cage already, but they don't seem to do much, they are probably too small. Cool that he got them from you, my next order from him will most likely include some of those! :)

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