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lat breeding

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..Shelfordella lateralis.. anyone know, reptile forums were saying monthly on one and weekly on another, and 6 nymphs on one page and 30 on a different one.

i was only able to order 125 due to limited stock, wondering if ill be able to build up decent colony before my and a friend's lizards gets here in a month or should i order more (ill be supplying feeders for both)

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The rate of ootheca production varies based on availability of food, quality of food, and temperature. It looks like mine produce oothecae once every week or two and the oothecae hatch around a dozen nymphs on average. The size of the oothecae vary and that affects how many nymphs are produced.

A small colony will not be able to produce fast enough for one reasonably-sized lizard, let alone two. The nymphs don't grow as quickly as you'd think and the oothecae take a while to hatch as well.

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