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Weak/limp subadult


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My mysterious growth-retarded nymph looks like he might be on his way out.

He's two years old and still not had his final moult, although he's always eaten well and been active.

However in the last two days he has been very limp, constantly flipping himself onto his back, although if you turn him over he will try to walk quite fast, ultimately flipping himself over again, it seems like he has lost proper control of his legs.

I've fed him some fruit from a paintbrush, which he took readily.

Any ideas what this is, why he's suddenly started doing this? Or any ideas of ways to save him?

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Thanks. I've lowered the temp to just above room temperature (it's cold in my house) but I'm so worried about him.

He took some jam from a paintbrush this morning but refused any more for the rest of the day. He has food in his tank but is stubbornly refusing to eat and continues to try to throw himself on his back :/

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