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Roach in my coffee... :-/


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Filled my coffee cup with hot coffee this morning. A dead (probably cooked by the hot coffee) L1 hisser was floating in the cup... fished it out and drank my coffee. My first thought was to get a fresh cup... and then I thought... "I wonder how many have walked through the cup and I never knew it"

Today I am happy to remind myself that healthy roaches don't spread diseases.

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I don't think roaches are gross, and I wouldn't mind if a live one had been in my coffee, but if I found a dead roach in my coffee, I would never drink it!!! If it got cooked by the coffee then some of its juices and bodily fluids probably got mixed in with the coffee, which is just gross!!! :P

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I read that they would prefer to eat stuff other than coffee grounds but if nothing else is available they will invade the cabinet and eat the coffee.

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