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A modest enclosure...


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This is an example of the enclosures that were made for my two sets of B. Orientalis nymphs.

The container is a commonly available plastic jar (PETE plastic, recycle code 1) in which 1.0mm holes were drilled around the top and bottom circumferences. These holes allow plenty of ventilation and drainage for any standing water.

A hole was cut in the lid which was covered with .005" mylar, using epoxy.

Water is provided by a strip of newsprint that was hot-glued to the depression in the bottom of an inverted plastic shot glass, which was trimmed to match the contour of the container bottom.

Internal structures were made with craft sticks ("popsicle" sticks), artist's newsprint, and hot glue.

The optical clarity of the container and mylar allow close examination of the nymphs, if that's your thing.

When not being observed or studied, the container is placed in a 6" cube box which is then placed wherever handy to allow the nymphs some darkness and peace and quiet.

I think this enclosure would be a fine addition to any desktop or workbench.


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nice design, you'll need a much larger container for adults though

That's very likely but it's easy enough to make these enclosures. There are only 11 nymphs in the "orphanage" so there is plenty of time to see what is needed. I'll be separating the boys from the girls once they get bigger.

I'm thinking that a series of linked containers would be nice, kind of like the International Space Station. One module for food, another for water, and a third for habitat and recreation.

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