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Cariblatta lutea care tips?

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Hi, I will be getting this species and quite a few others soon, this is one of the only ones that I don't know too much about its care.

I have set up a cage, it is a small plastic air-tight container that was once used for nuts. I am using coconut fiber and a little bit of rotten wood as the substrate. I have a small piece of eggcarton and lots of dead leaves as hides.

Anything missing? I've heard that this species is quite picky when it comes to moisture levels, what is the ideal level of moisture I should keep the cage at? Any tips will be greatly appreciated! :)

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Hi. I liked keeping them with a thin layer of substrate, about 1cm or less deep. I kept them and the oothecae slightly dry (don't know if that is the best), but probably would do alright being kept moist. I have kept them pretty moist, too. I like to keep just a few or couple large and small leaves, since it is easy to check on them to see if they are alright and none have disappeared.

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