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Why aren't my hissers working

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I have three species; orange head, lobsters, and hissers. My Lobster are crazy producing, the orange heads have been taking a while to take off but I am seeing the culture grow. My hissers are way behind. I know they will take a while to get going but they haven't produced in 4-5 months. They are giants though. All the males are somewhere around 2.8-3 inches. What should I be looking for?

Also, I have a few questions about maximizing these cultures reproduction:

-I supply fresh water and food every three-days. Is this to much messing with the culture so they become comfortable?

-What is the best food to stimulate reproduction?

-How should an ideal bin work? I have set ups 18-20 gallon buckets, egg crates vertical with cardboard between them then 2 egg crates on top to close the open space (and add darkness), big water crystal bowls and plenty of pulverized dog food, oats, wheat, calcium powder, bread crumbs, then freshly added fruits and veggies eery three days (not allowing any molding). Temp is kept at 85-95 degree night-day. Any input.

Lastly, I feed the lobsters and small orange head to my fish (i mainly feed them mealworms and such). But I want to sell the orange and hissers as a hobby. For these two (feeding and selling) what other high demand roaches would be good to go with? I was thinking of Discoids but are they soft enough for big fish? Any imput please would be helpful.

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Hi Rookie,

Hissers tend be slower breeders than the others you have. What kind of fruit and veggies are you using? Keep in mind too that some culture stocks breed more readily than others.

You could also use Pallid roaches for your fish, they'd probably work better than lobsters.

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I will look into Pallid roaches. You have any tips?

Those hissers are all big, I just haven't seen any little ones I know they have got to be getting it on, plenty of room, food and heat. I know they are slowing reproduction but I didn't think this much slower.

I usually feed watermelon, apples, carrots, leafy greens and kale amung most. Any suggestions?

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