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Thoughts on cohabitation

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So I want to maximize the potential of my bins. Im thinking to myself what species tollerate cohabitation and which should be strictly solitary. For instance my orange heads would eat other insects so they will be solitary. Which would be ideal to mix with millipedes and not eat thier eggs. Would millipedes eat roach oothicas? What about centipedes or other preditory species like whipscorpions. Im sure spiders and scorpions are out of the question they are to vunerable after molting. I know pill bugs and some beetle speices are good. I would love to hear first hand expiernce and even just theories. I dont over crowd my colonys and they are in over sized bins typically with deep substrate.

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Yeah centipedes spend alot of time barried and I figured he could pop up for a lil snack every so often. Thats very true about nibbleing roaches. My pepper roaches seem really slow moving though so they seemed like good canidates.

Im really most curious about millipedes and if oothica from both will be safe.

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i have my wide horns and peppereds together and they're doing fine. also have colossals and ivory heads together and no issues. they have similar growth parameters so it works out good for both species. they each have their preferred spots in their enclosures. all are reproducing well.

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