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Roaches of Illinois

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Anyone know what species to expect in Illinois? I've gone through Bug Guide, but I feel like there have to be a few more non-"pest" species you can find here.

Here's what I have so far:

Supella longipalpa

Blattella germanica

Periplaneta americana

Blatta orientalis

Parcoblatta virginica

Parcoblatta pennsylvanica

Periplaneta australiasiae

Ischnoptera deropeltiformis

Any thoughts on other species? I'm hoping to make it over to the big insect collection on the UIUC campus this week to get a full list of specimens and maybe take a sample of each species to photograph (hoping to make an Illinois Natural History Survey publication of the roaches of Illinois + basic range maps).

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Oh, I'm from Champaign! I don't remember seeing anything charismatic in the insect taxonomy teaching collection at UIUC, if that's what you're looking for. If you find anything, I'd love to know so I can keep an eye out when I'm in the field.

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I'm in Chicago, and I remember a couple months before I got into roaches, my mom called me into the basement and she said she trapped a big beetle under a cup, and to my surprise it was actuallya large black roach nymph! Now that I know more about roaches, thinking back it was a sub-adult B.orientalis. Wish I would have gotten into roaches before that because I would have kept it! :D

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Just as an update to this, I did go through the collection and there wasn't really anything worth noting that I can remember (of course I can't find my damn notebook now...). From being out in the field though, I have noticed I. deropeltiformis in a couple areas much further north than records indicate, so that's certainly fun news! Hoping to get out and do some sampling this year and really want to go down to southern Illinois to try to pick up any oddities. Probably a long shot, but I have my fingers crossed for P. septentrionalis down there! 

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