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Perisphaerus pygmaeus


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3 hours ago, CockroachTV said:

Beautiful Pics, sadly i have no more of them. :(

Thanks! Sorry to hear that, seems like a lot of people have trouble with this genus. :( What was your husbandry method?

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About a week ago I witnessed a mating pair in my colony, which is something I almost never see with this species, so I snapped a few pictures, here they are:





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Got this species again back in November 2020, started with 10 individuals and went up to 90+ in a mere 6 months, shows how well this species can breed if given adequate ventilation and heat. :)








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Very nifty. If I saw these under a log, I'd completely mistake them for pillbugs or pill millipedes. (And wonder why all those flies were hanging around them, into the bargain)

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