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Blaberus sp. "Venezuela"

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Got a sexed pair of nymphs from Kyle today as for my birthday. I really like this genus, and I can't wait until these guys mature! :)



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Wow, the almost triangular pronotums are very cool looking! Neat species.

That's more so the angle of the pics than the roach's actual appearance, the pronotum shape actually looks like any other Blaberus pronotum. Thanks, I think so too! :)

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Congrat.! Love the look on your adult :)

These guys seem to take quite a while to give by the way. Thought I had failed at breeding cause I didn't see any newborns even though my adults matured around mid May. Fortunately I found some newborns yesterday night!

Thanks, me too! :)

That's good to know, thank's for the head's up! Is it the same with B.atropos, because mine are taking FOREVER to give birth.

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3 hours ago, pannaking22 said:

Wow, nice pronotal markings on that female!

I know, the red pronotum color form of this species is my favorite! :)

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