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Assassin bug eggs


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So I have had my 2 groups of assassins mombo and whitespot a month now. They are laying lots of eggs and I have been placeing them on damp sand but still no hatching. No sign of mold from what I can tell. They are kept at room temp should they be in my hot room? Also theres the color I think they are starting out black but some are brown. Can someone explain the color difference? Have the brown ones gone bad or are they about to hatch? Any help will be great.

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Update they started hatching last week but now I cant figure out how to feed them they dont seem to be very active hunters. They ignore the lateralis nymphs I put in there a choped up a superworm but cant tell if they are eating but they seem larger. I put in a waxworm they seem afraid of... They are seperate from the adults and it seems theres no detailed care instructions every thing just says thier super easy and you dont have to do anything but I want to be more proactive in thier care. Any suggestions on raising nymphs?

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