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Hisser recomendations

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I don't mean to butt in on a question I wasn't asked, but dwarf hissers (especially E. javanica!) do better at higher temperatures. Low 80s at a minimum.

Mine are breeding at 75 degrees, on jungle mix substrate, with large pieces of cork and fake plants, feeding on fruits and dog food. No offense, but you said they didn't do well for you, and then proceeded to give advice on them.

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My E. javanica are breeding at a steady pace. They have a mainly dry aspen bedding with an egg carton to hide, water crystals at all times, a soy protein based chick feed and fruits & veggies offered several times a week. They love banana, salad, carrot, and cucumber. My first batch of nymphs was small, maybe about 6 or 7. But the second batch was a bigger batch of about 20 nymphs. My third batch was just born a few weeks ago with about 40 nymphs. I have 3 females that may be pregnant currently. The nymphs are growing fairly quickly.

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I have 3 medium nymphs and 1 small nymph. My small nymph died yesterday it the other three are growing strong. I'm feeding them fruits, vegetables and mist their cage down three times a week. They have a coconut fiber bedding and egg cartons to hide under.

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