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Surprising food my roaches liked!


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I bring my hissers outside sometimes in a small area of my backyard to get some sun and run around. They ate plants on their own I never expected! Norway maple pollynoses (winged seed pods), Chickweed (invasive herb), and Crabgrass seed stems.

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Thats pretty cool. I can't imagine what they are like outside.

I give my bugs grass clippings sometimes, or just go pull up stuff by hand. They really seem to like it.

They sunbathe for a few minutes, I think helps with digestion, then they run off to hide in the grass or somewhere dark and then I bring them back inside. I know they've eaten dead oak leaves and live rose leaves safely, it surprised me they decided to eat only certain plants they walked over, they are alive and well so no ill effects from their surprise snack.

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thats good to know. I have 2 giant norway maples in my front yard! :)

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