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My feeding routine.

Bufo Bill

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There's always conversations in roach forums about what foods your roaches eat, or what foods your roaches won't touch. I thought I would give you all an example of what I feed my roaches, I'm not saying my way is the only way, or the right way or best way, and if you see me doing something wrong feel free to bring it up for discussion. I will also show some of the methods I use to get variety into my roaches diets, again feel free to discuss anything I have overlooked or done wrong, I hope to learn much from this thread.

Firstly a note on fruit and vegetables. I have near my home a guy who sells fruit and veg, and I have made sure to be friends with him. He knows all about my roaches, and we often joke about it with his other customers. He often sells of damaged produce at vastly reduced prices at the end of the day, and because we are friends I have brought home free produce and even gluts of overripe fruit like bananas or apples. These are chopped and frozen so they don't spoil.

I am also lucky enough to have a good sized garden (for an English Terraced house) which I use to grow soft fruit, herbs and salad leaves much of which I guzzle myself, but there is always plenty to share with the roaches. I also have encouraged weeds such as dandelion (Taraxacum) and Salad Burnett (Sanguisorba minor) which are edible by roaches (Dandelion is a great gutload food for feeders, having as it does lots of calcium in its leaves). I also have nettles (Urtica dioica)and comfrey (Symphytum species), with which i fill two buckets one full of each leaf which I add water to and let rot for 4weeks. The nettles make a great nitrogenous liquid feed to promote leaf growth and the comfrey makes a high phosphorous feed for flowers and fruit. They both stink to high heaven, but they are safe for the roaches.

Some stuff I will freeze like the fruit and veg, and also I freeze the succulent leaves of the ice plant Crassula (Sedum spectabile), whose flowers attract bees and butterflies the whole time from April to November. These leaves can be used in the winter as extra food.

I also have lots of leftover herbs like Sweet Cecily and Origanum as well as Salad Burnett which I cut bunches of from early May and hang in a south facing window until the Autumn when I pulverise the dried stems and leaves in a blender. I add this to equal parts of pulverised dog kibble, rabbit pellets, dried Spirulina and powdered alfalfa, and use the resulting mixture either dry (for arid roaches) and mixed with a little water to form patties. This uses up the herbs which aren't taken so readily when frozen, and makes a winter staple food.

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Sounds pretty good to me! They r definitely getting a nice diet!

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