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Container Size for nymphs


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When getting small nymphs, is it best to keep them in something sort of small to make it easier for them to locate food, and then just upgrade them once they get a bit bigger? I'm afraid to put them into a container that might work for adults when it might be better to start smaller and then rehouse. I don't have any pet roaches (yet), just trying to get as prepared as possible before I make my desired purchases.

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A smaller container will make it easier to keep track of them, but if you just layer leaves on top of the substrate their food will be everywhere, so they shouldn't have a problem. Roaches have a very good sense of smell, and they are very good at tracking down food. I'd put them in their permanent enclosure to start with. The adults don't need a lot of space, in fact crowded conditions may speed up breeding. There's a limit to that though, and eventually if it's too crowded breeding will stop.

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