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Roach Nymph ID - Possible Escape!

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I was in my rearing room this morning, and I found this guy crawling across my floor. I don't have roaches in my house, and it doesn't match any of the common pest species. It must be an escape then! The problem is, I don't keep any species with nymphs that resemble this one. I did a little test, and I've determined it can climb. My (non-hybrid supposedly) Gromphadorhina portentosa show this coloration in larger nymphs, But, it's just under a centimeter long, and hisser nymphs don't get that color until later on in their development. Please help me, because the sooner I can identify the species, the sooner I can fix the escape problem!


I currently keep:

1.7.0 Elliptorhina javanica

X.X.X Blaberus craniifer

X.X.X Blaptica dubia

X.X.X Gromphadorhina portentosa

1.1.0 Aeluropoda insignis

X.X.X Nauphoeta cinerea

0.0.10 Gyna centurio

0.0.10 Hemiblabera tenebricosa

X.X.X Gyna lurida

X.X.X Eublaberus posticus

X.X.X Periplaneta australasiae

0.0.12 Blaberus sp. "Venezuela"

X.X.X Oxyhaloa deusta

X.X.X Gyna caffrorum

0.0.12 Pycnoscelus nigra

0.0.12 Pycnoscelus striatus

X.X.X Parcoblatta divisa

X.X.X Parcoblatta lata

Thanks :)

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I dont have much expiernce with most of the ones you keep but i will say it looks like a hisser spieces to me. Its not much help but a short term awnser till some one else confirms it.

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