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Feeders with small nymphs


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I'm new to this forum and had a question I hope someone can help me with some information. Besides S. Lateralis what other roach nymphs would be equivalent is size to newborn crickets. Adult size could be same as adult crickets or even larger. The main requirement for me is non burrowing, non flying, since they would be for young scorpions and tarantula slings climbers would be ok. thanks for any info you can give

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Even though they're burrowers, I use P. surinamensis for my slings. I've fed them to as small as 0.25". They can't hide very well in small deli cups or vials. They're also good for juvenile tarantulas too.

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i have Little Kenyans, they tend to cling to the underside of bark, making easy harvesting, but they do burrow. If you are trying to match the size of a pin-head cricket, Rice Beetles, Bean Beetles, Buffalo Beetles, and Peanut beetles are all easy to culture and harvest.

I can send you (and anyone else) care sheets on all 5, email me at nick@bllc.net.



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