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That makes sence :) I certainly hope so. They are on my list of inverts to try to raise. Are there specific familys of grasshopper that are fully non-toxic ie safe for lizard/spider food as well as people.

I've eaten carolina locusts and various spur throated grasshoppers and I'm not dead.

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I've eaten dried mealworms. I think they were dehydrated (or baked?) with a little oil and some salt added. They actually taste pretty good! Kind of nutty and savory. I could imagine using them as croutons or even snacking on them alone.

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I know the poison dart frogs sold as pets do not have the dangerous poison because they no longer have access to the leaves that contain this poison, so perhaps this works with other species.  I'm just getting started with mealworms, roaches, crickets and isopods.  I have researched eatable insects a bit but need to continue my efforts.  My cricket and mealworm colonies seem to have dwindled for some reason.  I have to figure out why and make adjustments.  Any ideas.  My plan is to cultivate them for food.

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