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The last chance,,,,

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Posted by Pavel Boruvka on 8/9/2006, 3:48 pm

200x Deropeltes spec.Mombasa,,,subadults and adults

for 85 USD,,,Polyphaga sp.from Armenia loc.Lake Sevan,Polyphaga Georgia loc.Patara Ateni for 1-3 USD

and small number of Polyphaga sausserey Uzbekistan loc.Nura Tao..size 4-5 cm 13 USD/each and Schultessia lampidiformis,Oxyhaloa from

South Africa,Loboptera two spec.,Gyna lurida,Ergaula capucina,Rhypharobia GOLD,Ectobius silvestris,

B.dubia,,,,1000 for 95-120 USD/acording to size/

Gamar dzobat Pavel


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