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How to capture Periplaneta americana

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not sure if there's a thread already but whenever I spot a roach at home I like to capture it then release it outside, the weather is crazy hot now so we're getting a lot inside lately, my family usually kills them in the spot but the thing is when you try to kill it the roach will get scared and run super fast trying to hide that's why sometimes it's better to capture them alive to avoid runners

moments ago a flying american cockroach was terrorizing me for a few hours although I love roaches I hate the ones that fly they freak me out tried capturing it the old fashioned way with a plastic container but since it flew back and forth the task was difficult usually a roach that cannot fly is easy to capture this way they're usually on the floor this one was everywhere on the walls, TV, drawers etc if you guys know ways to capture them alive that'd be super helpful I don't like using poison and those chemicals because it would harm my other pets the only thing I have is a glue trap for flies but that did not help either

tried attaching tape to a stick and it did not work you guys know ways to catch them? luckily the roach went out my door on its own while I tried to poke him with a stick took me like 2 hours and half to get that critter out of here hoping he won't return to terrorize me again

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Use a hanger, bend it into a circle, put a T-shirt over the rim of the hanger and there ya go. You have a short handled net lol

that's a good idea I'll see if I can make one cause I don't have a real net available

Just use a sticky mouse trap with some sort of bait then use vegetable oil it will free it up from the trap

I was talking of flying roaches not ground ones, just now a flying one flew straight to my ear and freaked me out

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