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Sale/Trade - B.lateralis & Hissers

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Posted by Perry on 8/13/2006, 4:24 pm

Roaches for sale or trade

B. lateralis/Turkish (prolific, cricket sized, active)

$20 shipped for 100 mixed adults and med-large nypmhs

$30 shipped for 250 mixed adults and med-large nymphs

$50 shipped for 500 mixed adults and med-large nymphs

I will include in the above a dozen eggcases and a 20%*count of small nymphs.

G. portentosa/Hissers (nymphs are good feeders)

$25 shipped for 50 nymphs sized 1/2"-1"

Will trade for new world Ts, millipedes or mantids.

Shipping is USPS priority mail.


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