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Arenivaga sp. "Rodeo"

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I thought it was clay, but it hasn't gone off for weeks so I'm starting to wonder if it's their natural color of the setae on their body

I hope it's natural coloration, I find it good looking! :) Sometimes clay can stick on for a long time though, my Arenivaga bolliana only lost the clay caked on to them when they molted.

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Very nice, I love the long wings as well! Looks kinda like some A.tenax individuals I've seen, very handsome specimen. Hopefully you'll soon have some mature females! :)

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Thanks. I have two females that look like presubs and several males of various age so hopefully I'll be able to breed this species :)

Cool, hopefully you'll be able to spread this species around the hobby once they start breeding! ;)

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Yep, Kyle and I will probably sell some once we establish a large colony :)

(Same goes for other Arenivaga)

Good, I'll eagerly be awaiting that day! :D

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