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Substrate for Schultesia

Bufo Bill

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I finally seem to be breeding Schultesia lampyridiformes with some regularity. I had been having trouble trying to breed these for a year or more. I found some info on a German website where they said they needed a certain sized substrate granule, but I couldn't find out what it was.

Anyway, by trial and error I found out really fine grade wood chips worked but they weren't good to dig through, and if an area got spoiled it was difficult to remove.

I have found that granulated cork bark works perfectly; easy to clean and the roaches love to dig through it.

Just thought I'd recommend this substrate to anyone having similar troubles.

All the best from Bill. :D

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Yeah, Kyle from Roachcrossing.com says this species requires a loose, chunky substrate for good reproduction, along with heat, fruits, and good ventilation. :) Glad you got yours breeding, hopefully they'll thrive for you!

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I also just have gotten some of these. I am using orchid bark and a bit of long fiber sphagnum moss and other organic material. They seem to like it so far. Also cork bark is recommend as a hide, sence they also like to eat it. Also high ventalotion is required for these species. They are found in birds nests wich could explain there need for Losse substrate and high ventalation :) good luck.

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