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My hissers build statues??

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I place their food in the same spot every time n they didnt like strawberries for some reason n instead of eating it, it looks like they mushed it up in their mouths, spit it out and used that n twigs to make a statue of a cockroach or it looked more like a cricket to me. they used twigs as legs n the thorax was the spit out strawberries n the head looked like spit up dried dirt, n they placed it next to their feeding area. Was this a monument for me?? I took it out n broke it by accident, but now they are working on another one it looks like, ill take a pic of it when its done but they don't have strawberries this time for glue so ill add that in their today, this ones made out of mostly dried oak leaves. Has anyone else had this?? I didn't know they were that smart, I feel like someone is messing with me lol

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No, unless you have crazy smart, mutant hissers, then no, they aren't building a statue. They don't have the brains to do such a thing, it's impossible. Either someone else is making those structures and putting them in your enclosure, or they just happened to knock over the twigs into the rotten strawberries, which I highly doubt. Also they aren't chewing up the strawberries and spitting them back out, just sounds like the strawberries went rotten, they turn into a mushy mess when they spoil, I suggest you remove them as soon as they spoil or else you are inviting mold and mites into your enclosure.

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