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My tarantulas


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Yes. They have been relabeled Cyriopagopus. This is a wild caught, so it's Cyriopagopus (formerly Haplopelma) sp. minax "big black". Which can be translated into that genus of tarantula that has been renamed and the species that looks like minax but no one is 100% sure because to properly I.d. She would kill you, so they call them "Big blacks" until it dies and you can look at it's legs lol.

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That's right, I couldn't remember what the separation had been since I don't keep many OW species (just a couple P. rufilata). Still, beautiful T you have there! 

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Thanks, she's kind of monster lol. I'm terrible at telling the two apart so I can't really say which yours is yet. How large is it? 

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