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Temperatures in my area have dropped considerably and I have 2 customers on Amazon that have purchased Red Runner ooths. My question is how well do ooths tolerate colder temperatures? Overnights drop into the mid 30's and I do ship the live nymphs/adults with heat pads now that evening temps dropped past 45. Is it better to just to go ahead a ship with a heating pad to be on the safer side?

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I would ship with a 72-hour heat pack. The temperatures at your end are not as crucial as the temperatures at the receiving end. I think most DOA's happen in the last day in the delivery van and of course, on your porch/mailbox. You can order 72-hour heat packs from Superior Shipping Supplies.com.

Another trick to protect the ooths/insects is to put the activated heat pack in a paper bad folded tightly up and taped, or wrap it up in paper towels and tape it so it doesn't roll out. This will give you longer heat time. I tape it to the furthest place in the box from the insect, so to not overheat them.

I always check the customers temperatures, and some shipments I now need to build 1/2" insulation in some orders. You can buy a 4' x 8' sheet at Lowes for about $8.





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