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T. olegrandjeani missing Tegmina


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One of my male T. olegrandjeani is missing one of his tegmina after his final molt. The remaining one has kind of a brown tip and is apparently not fully expanded. Just took a quick pocture with my phone, so please excuse the quality of the photo

I just wanted to ask if he will be able to live without it, or if he will die a premature death.

I'd also like to know what might be the cause of this. An injury as nymph? 

thank you in advance

2016-12-20 08.34.24.jpg

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Looks like a mismolt, I see no evidence of chewing so it's not cannibalism, (which does happen with adults of this species when not fed enough supplemental foods like dog/cat food). As long as they are all fed often I see no reason why he'd die prematurely, he should hopefully live a normal life and be able to breed still. :)

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35 minutes ago, Manuel_P said:

Thank you

Glad to hear he will be fine! What might be the reason, he had molting issues?

The other ones always molted perfectly..

Who knows, perhaps it's a genetic problem, or maybe he got snagged on something in the cage as he was molting and his wing detached from him.

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