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Dubias dieing rapidly


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I just bought a small colony of 100 mixed dubia 7 days ago,  I have them in a medium sized plastic bin and a small heat mat on 1 side. 75 degrees on 1 side and 90 degrees on other. I have new fresh egg crates in there and the bin is clean. I currently feed them crushed up dog food and slices of potato for water. humidity is at 50 %. They were doing great for 7 days. And then I woke up this morning and 90% of them were on there backs looking like they are dieing. I read online that it is okay to feed them green beans, so last night i put some french style green beans out of the can inside there for them to eat, (no salt added all natural). Im thinking they are dieing because of this... which i though green beans are okay? any suggestions or ideas? thanks.

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