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19 hours ago, Trullan said:

That must be what snuggled up to my chest the other night. I'm completely serious. I think one of my dubias made its way into my bed and snuggled up to me. I grabbed whatever it was and flung it off of me without attempting to identify it, but it felt like a roach. When I got up and busted out the flashlight, the only thing I could find was a wolf spider in my laundry basket, but they are not known for their cuddliness. This was just a couple nights ago. After searching the term, "escapees," and finding this, I am certain my dubia really just want to snuggle. ;) 

Yeah it was always my adult males that got out they would do that flutter jump. The dubia ended up in the bed normally and orange heads would end up in piles of clothes. lol Now my set ups are much better so that doesn't happen any more.

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That's good. After giving it some thought, I'm fairly certain it was an escapee that came out of a reptile tank. There's one that has a wide enough gap between the sliding glass doors to allow escapes. In the beginning, I was only feeding crickets, so I didn't secure it for roach escapes. I'll have to get around to running a bead of silicone on the inside of the outer door soon. It was pretty hilarious, in any event.

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