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R.I.P. Mr. House

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It is a sad day; Mr. House was my first male and resident big man on campus. Last night he was sort of haphazardly holding a piece of cork bark and his coloration was very dulled. From time to time he would vibrate his abdomen vigorously; by morning he was completely unresponsive.

There is some silver lining though. My wife; who has been terrified or roaches until recently, was surprisingly upset by his passing and has inadvertently become a roach lover :D. I was also able to observe his behavior in the last few weeks of his life and gained some interesting findings.

R.I.P. Mr. House; you will be missed.

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That's awful (well, not the part about your wife)! It's hard when a pet dies, even if that relationship isn't fully understood by others. I have a hard time feeding my roaches off to my other pets (tarantulas) because of the time and care I provide them.

About Mr. House...What kind of roach was he? I'm guessing he was a hisser. Interesting name for a pet, too.Was his full name Robert Edwin House or named after that individual (Fallout)? That's the first thing that came to my mind.

I guess, like you stated, the good news is that your wife has become more interested in your "strange" hobby. Yes, people can even become attached to something as "odd" as a roach. I find them fascinating and endearing, personally.

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Thanks for your condolences guys. I completely understand Skyvie; every time I look at a freshly molted hisser and think about feeding my blue toung I feel bad; they look so scared a vulnerable like E.T. when he got sick :P

Mr. House was a Gromphadorhina hybrid; he was named after the guy from Fallout NV one of my favorite games. His favorite spot was the highest point of cork bark where he was always seen; he was also by far the largest male I had at just short of 3.5 inches so House just seemed to fit him. I believe a scuccesor has appeared though; a rambunctious little dark brown I've come to call Bender because of a couple kinks he's developed in his antennae.

Sorry for your loss Neverlift, do kenyans normally molt on their back? I though molts usually happen upright.

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