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Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

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21 hours ago, Tleilaxu said:

Cute cute cute.

I know, they are adorable, one of my favorite species in my collection now! :D (I have a lot of favorites...)

12 hours ago, WarrenB said:

Amazing how a piece of music can set the tone. I almost felt like I was watching a Ghibli film there! (Strange but wonderful creatures... maybe a bit less touchy than in Nausicaä...)

Haha, now that you mention it, I can totally imagine that music being in a Ghibli film! :)

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One of my females is finally mature, should have a couple more adult females and some adult males soon as well! :D





I swear, individuals of this species almost always try to eat me when I handle them! :lol:


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10 minutes ago, Matttoadman said:

i love the dimorphism in these. It's like two different species. 

Indeed, sexual dimorphism is the best, because then it's like you have adults of two species in one! :D Plus it makes sexing adults a breeze! :P

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3 minutes ago, Matttoadman said:

It also tells us that new genetic info is spread by the males. But wait can these actually fly?

I assume they can fly, haven't seen them do it myself though, they are very laid back and not easily frightened, so none of mine have even tried flying.

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Well unfortunately I really messed up with this species, couldn't get any of my ooths to hatch, they all molded over sadly... :(

Oh well, here are some pictures of an adult male, (which is surprisingly still alive):





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