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Getting loose

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Posted by Doug Gosnell on 11/13/2006, 8:06 pm, in reply to "getting loose"

I have no flyers or climbers so they have a real REAL hard time with smooth surfaces. I am not saying that they can not, sometimes they seem to catch an edge or if the container is dirty or very moist . I have noticed that they will seemingly be outside the container in the AM before daybreak, the same container that they came from. I am not sure if this is a scent thing or not but do know that they are not hanging out at another species container. I just pick them up and put them back in.

Non climber/flyers would have issues getting water I imagine so I am not concerned with them breeding. I am more concerned with them getting into someone elses apt and causing me grief.


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Posted by rick on 11/21/2006, 1:34 pm, in reply to "Re: getting loose"

Keep them in a plastic contatin. I bought mine at Walmart. Climbing roaches can easily climb glass due to small fibers on the glass surface. None climbers cannot climb plastic. If you get climbers buy Bugstop and re-apply every couple months.



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Posted by j. starr on 11/26/2006, 7:50 am, in reply to "getting loose"


It usually depends upon the genus and species of roach that you have chosen and also your current living enviroment.

I have raised 7 different species and I am now down to only two species. The one that I would consider as the best for feeder production would be the Blaberus_parabolicus. It breeds just as fast as the Blaberus_discoidalis, it is by far MORE chunkier than the discoidalis which of course means more flesh for the reptile or amphibian, it can NOT climb glass or other simular very smooth surfaces, and it does not survive very long outside of a humidity and tempurature controlled enviroment. My personal living enviroment is in the 30% area for moisture unless it is raining and the house temps are around 70F. I have had several nymphs and adults escape over the past year only to find every one of them near death or dead. I now have around 2,500 of them in a colony to feed three dragons and some tree frogs and this still allows me to continue the colonies overall growth. NOTE: I started with 150 nymphs and it took over a year to get them to this point. I am now seeing many new adults show up so my parabolicus colony will probably really start to grow even larger very soon.

Everybody has their own favorite for their own reasons. Research it to death before you make a final decision.

I have a link below with details on how I am set up. While I am still adding to it I hope that you or anybody else will find this information of a benefit.


Link: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/roach

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