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Gyna caffrorum

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1 hour ago, Skyvie said:

Yep, the Gynas are really interesting (adults & juvies). Congrats, keep us updated!

You can never have too many Gyna! :D Thanks, will do!

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1 hour ago, Bufo Bill said:

Love these guys! The nymphs have similar colouration to quail eggs ;) I see why the adults are called ghost roaches too!

All the best from Bill. 

The adults and the nymphs are very pretty, I only wish the adults weren't hyper maniacs so I could look at them more often! :lol:

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14 hours ago, Jeb said:

They jump and fly too much or they do they hyde themselves ?

The adult males are PSYCHO, so much more so than any Gyna species I've kept... The mature females typically stay underground, as do the nymphs, but the adult males are freaking crazy, always climbing and attempting to fly out of the enclosure when disturbed. In the day they are less active, and can be easily distracted with banana, but I definitely wouldn't recommend checking on them at night.

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53 minutes ago, aoikirin said:

Gyna is a genus?  What do roaches of this type have in terms of longevity?

Yes, Gyna is the genus, caffrorum is the species. :) The adult males only seem to last a couple months, females can live twice as long, maybe even more. Overall, they have pretty short adult lifespans. 

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6 hours ago, Jeb said:

Can we keep Gyna sp. in Exo-terra enclosures like this ?

Do they support a normal room temperature (20°) or do they need a heater?

I have a feeling the males could squeeze through the gap in the doors, so I wouldn't recommend it.

I don't think they'll reproduce at 20C°, 22-29C° would be better for breeding.

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I was thinking about putting a loop of clear tape on each door edge to make a flexible gap filler it might work out ok.  I haven't tried it yet though.  



|_|(___   <door

^ that does not look how I wanted it to

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