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Latiblattella lucifrons

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Got two females and a male of this amazing species from @Cariblatta lutea, really hope they'll do well in my care! :D Here are a couple pictures of the females, (the male did NOT want to stay still for a picture, so I was unable to get one of him, it was hard enough to get these two pictures of the females!):



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36 minutes ago, Tleilaxu said:

Cool looking ooth.

Yeah, Ectobiid ooths are among the coolest looking IMO, some look like seeds, others are brightly colored, overall a lot more interesting than most Blattid oothecae. :)

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14 minutes ago, Tleilaxu said:

I saw him on your blog. I'm trying to start a blog too lol. Formatting it is a pain.

He's a looker isn't he? :D Cool, can't wait to see your blog! Formatting mine wasn't too difficult, I just went with a simple template, and made it as nice as I could with what I had available to me. I think it turned out OK. :)

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13 minutes ago, Tleilaxu said:

Well I think I got most of it setup... I just need to post stuff now lol...

Cool, be sure to send me a link once you got it up an running! ;)

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