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FS:Gyna lurida, P.Mombo Assassinbugs

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Posted by Josh Topp on 12/11/2006, 12:12 am

Hi, i have a bunch of these, shipping only in the US, I prefer check, or money order, but i can also take paypal. PM or Email @ vonfischer713@aol.com

-Platemeris Mombo Assassin Bugs L2-L3 $5(1-5), $4(6-10), $3(11+)

*Several individuals show the rarer lighter color morph of this species.

-Gyna lurida Porcelain Roach(Mixed sized nymphs-many large ones)

(1-50)-$1.25ea *Very Prolific species, breeeds even under

(51-100)-$1.00ea poor living conditions.


USPS 2-3day $5

Overnight $15 -60 Hr Heat Packs- $2


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