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SMALL Escape Proof Enclosures?

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Another question...I know to prevent escapes gasket tubs are toted as some of the absolute best enclosures, but the smallest size they come in is 20 qt. As I recently posted about I did just get red goblin roaches, and while I will be taking measures to prevent escapes I uh...do have to keep them a Sorta Secret if you catch my drift or at least make them extremely escape proof until my dad finds out. He knows all about my two reptiles (who are coming in tomorrow!) and has been very supportive of that endeavor, even feeding live insects so long as there are no crickets (I said black soldier fly larvae as an example which I will be offering them, but these will be their main insect, offered a couple times a week), but I don't think he'll like these roaches too much. At least not until I make them totally escape proof or at least make sure he doesn't find out.

I do feel guilty doing that to him but it's in our best interest honestly...it's not like they'll smell, they can't infest, or make noise, or cause any fuss, and compared to crickets (ie. the spawn of satan) they're perfect. Right now they're in a 6 qt with vaseline around the top to keep them in, but I do want to make them thoroughly escape proof for peace of mind. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? And as the title says, does anyone have suggestions for SMALL (6-15 qt) and preferably not very high escape-proof enclosures? These guys don't burrow, are small, and I'm only maintaining a small feeder colony for a pair of Eurydactylodes so I really don't need a big and tall gasket, is the issue.


Any help/suggestions are appreciated as always. c:

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Only adults can climb if that speces, for small colonies in use 190oz deli cups I get them on line at tsk supply but you have to buy like at least 10 of them

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