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10 hours ago, wizentrop said:

Unfortunately I cannot edit the thread's title.. but I will put a notice in the opening post.

Actually if you go back and edit the first post in the thread, there should be an option to edit the title as well, I checked and I can still change the titles of threads I created years ago. :)

As for the common name in the hobby, should that be changed to "Ecuadorian horned roach", instead of "Apolinari's horned roach"? I'm not sure if there are any other described Hormetica in Ecuador.

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EDIT, Nov 2019: In light of new information, this species is NOT Hormetica apolinari, but Hormetica strumosa. A little less-showy than their relatives, Lucihormetica, these are a new addition to th

Another point of view on a male:

A photo to give some sense of scale. As you can see they are pretty massive. I'm a guy in his mid-30's, so my hand isn't exactly small. You can see a female in the back.

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