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Predaceus diving beetle


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I added a few of these to my Fire-bellied Toad tank. Man these are cool. They are constantly swimming. I added three but I just witnessed one being eaten by a toad lol. I will definitely being collecting more from my water garden. It would be nice if they will breed. I will be adding plants that grow out of the water. This should give them a place to lay their eggs.


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Very neat, I'd try to give a area where the toads can't get to the beetles, and I'd suggest making sure the fire bellies are always stuffed. That should help solve the problemĀ 

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I had them in there as food. Like many things in the invert hobby for me they start as feeders and end up as favorites. I didn't expect them to get any actually. The toads seem not to that accurate. It was pretty neat to witness. I was preparing to take a pic of the beetle as he swam across the open water to the plants. Out of nowhere a toad dives in the water and scoops it up. It really was like a head on collision.

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