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Hello from New Mexico


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Currently raising meal worms, black soldierfly grubs, and compost worms as feeders.  Raised silkworms for three years for spinning.  Love silkworms.

Recently bought half a dozen hissers from a neighbour.  They are pets, but the babies may feed the fish (?) and any future lizards/amphibians...who knows.  The "zoo" does tend to expand in unexpected directions.  Of course, while researching MH care, I found out about many other beautiful roaches.  Who knew?  Now, I want some ivories, and those giant Peruvian cave roaches. I ended up here the other night following a link on Arachnoboards that directed another roach enthusiast to this site.  Tarantulas are interesting to read about, but I just haven't been able to muster much enthusiasm for keeping them - maybe just a little too intense for me. 

I DO like the millipedes.  Ended up ordering Orin (Mc something's ?) book on the topic.  Was checking reviews on Amazon, and now I want ALL his books on bugs.  Was hoping bugs might be a less expensive hobby/obsession than the snakes I currently own/want, but that may not be the case.  Ventured outside last night thinking, I'll just save some money and find my OWN millipede!  Managed to unearth some big grubs, and disturbed a befuddled large vinegaroon. (I hate to bother those guys, they are all over the place here, and I worry about injuring them.)  No milli's turned up; I'll just have to order an O. ornatus, along with some pretty roaches.


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Welcome to the forum, I have Giant cave roaches for sale, they are close to what you want only bigger, I would also be interested in some vinagrooms specially bulk either by buying them or trading 

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