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New millipede species in the US hobby!


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I will be getting some new millipede species, I will get pics when I have these in my collection, and it will take some time to get all of these species in the hobby. Some are new species and some are rare in the hobby

rare species list

•Spirostreptidae Spec. 4

•Giant African millipedes 

New species list (as far as I know these are not in the US hobby but I could be wrong)

•unknown millipede from Greese 2 color forms, I beleve they are different shades of brown, adults

•Glomeris Marginata "Lasgarn wood lands" juveniles and adults, these are European pill millipedes 


dark brown

light brown

speces from Malaysia 

•Thyropygus sp. banded 25 cm

•Thyropygus sp. metalic black 23 cm

•Thyropygus sp. orange 22 cm 


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Awesome I'll get prices up soon, I'm mostly importing on demand, I also have scolopendra sp. mint legs for $300 or 2+ at $260 on import to order, they are a rare pede and are red with very light black striping and green legs, they are very awesome 15 cm @Centipede Uncivil

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I will also be able to get some Taiwan pillapedes they are very beautiful, I will try to uplode some pics of them when I have them.

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